Charming Corners

Dimora Romita Receptions

The gleaming colours of the simple, refined decorations wash over the interiors, challenging the intense, lush tints of nature, glimpsed through the large windows. Each detail opens up a universe characterized by attention and artful design: at Dimora Romita everything is designed with your guests’ comfort in mind, to create a wonderful fairytale reception just for you. The subtle elegance of glass and the colourful floral arrangements add a stylish decorative touch to every last detail of your wedding. Attentive and meticulous planning in which originality and refinement are interwoven to create an impeccable ceremony. At Dimora Romita we pride ourselves on our attention to every single detail of your reception, to welcome your guests to a wonderfully charming setting and offer emotionally charged, unforgettable atmospheres.

Elegant Ambiences


Eye-catching Décor

Dimora Romita Receptions

Attention to Details

A play of light reflecting off the glass, candelabra and decorations, absorbing the shimmer outside to bring it back inside teeming with nuances: lights and decorations complement each other to allow the splendour of the happy couple’s top table, to shine through.