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Dimora Romita Receptions

In the enchanting setting of Dimora Romita, every ceremony becomes a treasure chest bursting with surprises: immense, welcoming spaces everywhere you turn, gardens and fountains that absorb the lights of nature and reflect them with evocative plays of shapes and colours, sensory experiences that remind you of the flavours of the fertile Foggia earth, restoring them enriched with new aromas and combinations, intense and inviting. Every detail expresses the special brand of magic that we hope will permeate every moment of your wedding day. Our aim here at Dimora Romita is to make every wedding reception a unique and unforgettable experience. This is why organizing the wedding and the ceremony starts with a careful look at the surroundings and the d├ęcor in order to create the perfect fairytale setting for a truly unforgettable day. The professionalism of our chefs, combined with the quality and freshness of the local ingredients from the Puglia region, results in authentic dishes with balanced flavours. A Mediterranean cuisine that seduces the palate, varied menus for coeliacs, specially created by our experts, delicious sweet and savoury tarts, all produced using local ingredients: our attention to detail embodies our philosophy.



Delicate Exhibits, Enchanted Atmospheres, Attention to Detail

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Dimora Romita Receptions

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Sensory pleasures with an innovative twist: this is the theme running through every buffet and every dish at Dimora Romita; the elegant presentation beguiles your gaze and the food and wine combinations so expertly selected by our sommeliers surprise your taste buds. Let yourself be guided along the journey to discover the 250 wines from all over Italy stored in the wine cellars at Dimora Romita.