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Dimora Romita Receptions

Every ceremony celebrated in the relaxing and soothing setting of Dimora Romita remains etched on your memory. The aromas, hues and romantically harmonious décor and setting lend an authentically characteristic air to every event, one that is impossible to forget. Our attention to detail, expert food and wine combinations, and our decade long experience, are evident in every stage of the reception, to ensure that your wedding is perfect in every way. To delight in a ceremony that incorporates the colours and décor that best reflect your feelings and those of your guests on your wedding day: this is the aim of the experts at Dimora Romita. For every trimming and decorative choice our muse is none other than you, with your very own dreams and passions.

Moments to Remember

Table Design

Sensations that embellish your story

Enjoy your ceremony in complete relaxation by letting our experts at Dimora Romita take the stress out of the preparations. Our attentive, considerate staff take care of all your guests’ needs, paying special attention to your youngest guests with our team of trained babysitters providing fun-filled moments.

Wedding Avant-Gardists

Dimora Romita Receptions

For a reception which is the perfect blend of comfort and pleasure.

The Passion For the Culinary

A passion for wine and food, the intuitive idea to create the very first wedding reception room in the province of Foggia and constant focus on innovation, are the cornerstones of the work carried out by the Scirano family, who have been organizing the most romantic and exclusive weddings in the local areas for decades. Stunning design, a warm welcome and a personalized service from the beginning to the end of every ceremony held at Dimora Romita. Our aim is to give every couple their perfect wedding reception, one where the attention to detail constantly reflects the care and experience that make Dimora Romita the ideal venue for your wedding celebration.